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Annette A. Lusko, DO

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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) affects around 1 in 40 adults but isn’t well understood. At Ketamine Integrative Medicine in Gilbert, Arizona, Annette Lusko, DO, offers ketamine infusions to alleviate the symptoms of OCD and allow you to focus your energy on therapy so you can lead a fulfilling and healthy life. If you have OCD and are interested in ketamine infusion therapy, call Ketamine Integrative Medicine or schedule a consultation online today.


What is obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)?

OCD is a type of anxiety disorder that causes obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions are persistent, intrusive thoughts and worries that are negative and distressing. Compulsions are actions or rituals that provide temporary relief from your obsessive fears and anxieties. 

For example, you may have an obsession with germs or contamination, which leads to compulsive cleaning of your home or body. 

While everyone has irrational worries or double-checks that they locked their door or turned off the oven from time to time, the thoughts and behaviors of OCD are constant, distressing, and disruptive. 

When unmanaged, the condition can cause a cycle of obsessions and compulsions that interferes with regular activities and relationships. 

What causes OCD?

OCD, like many other mental health conditions, isn’t fully understood. However, medical researchers understand that abnormalities in your brain chemistry contribute to your condition. 

Additionally, a family history of OCD or other mental health disorders increases your risk. A personal history of trauma, neglect, or abuse can also contribute to OCD. 

How is OCD treated?

Traditionally, OCD is treated with a combination of medication and therapy. However, the antidepressant medication used to treat OCD can take several weeks or months to build up enough in your system to reduce your symptoms. 

Additionally, traditional antidepressants may cause intolerable side effects or not sufficiently reduce your symptoms. 

At Ketamine Integrative Medicine, Dr. Lusko provides ketamine infusion therapy for OCD. While most patients have a series of treatments, you may have a noticeable reduction in your symptoms after just one treatment, which can provide the mental clarity needed to focus on therapy. 

What should I expect during ketamine therapy?

Ketamine infusion therapy is a relaxing experience. You rest in a comfortable chair in one of the well-appointed treatment rooms at Ketamine Integrative Medicine. 

Dr. Lusko prepares your infusion and inserts your IV. Each infusion takes around 45 minutes, and most patients have 4-6 treatments a week for 3-4 weeks. 

You may have a floating sensation, tingling, or even mild hallucinations during your infusion. These side effects usually subside soon after you finish your infusion. 

However, ketamine can leave you feeling tired and affect your ability to drive, so you should have a friend or family member drive you home after your treatment. 

If you have OCD and want to find out if ketamine infusion therapy is right for you, call Ketamine Integrative Medicine or make an appointment online today.